Tim Weeks is a highly developed and highly evolved individual. With a background in Olympic sport, first as an athlete, then as a coach, he has at his fingertips everything anyone needs to develop physically and personally.


Now, Tim applies his elite knowledge, gained over countless hours of working with elites, to real people. His goal – to make a difference in their lives. No longer content with helping the most gifted athletes move forward from high levels to higher levels, Tim has gone down the much more rewarding path of working with real people, whose lives he can engineer life-changing transformations.


Tim has good reason to work so hard for the benefit of others: not only did he lose his dad to a heart attack at the age of 17, he lost his own professional triathlon career (and nearly his own life) to injuries sustained in a horrific bike crash. His learning curve from those bleak moments has been steep, and his ‘seize the day’ philosophy is focused on helping people develop, to be as healthy and as well as they can possibly be, in the knowledge that this can lead them to greater heights in their own lives.

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